Important COVID-19 Announcements

Dear Church family,
President Trump has declared tomorrow, March 15th, a National Day of Prayer. I trust that you are all praying everyday for our country and lately for the situation with the Corona virus, but how awesome is that! … that the president of our great nation has chosen to dedicate a Sunday for this. Please, let us join the millions of Christians from all over the world in prayer for this cause.
Here are a few more important details about our church services:
  1. Unless you hear from us otherwise, church services will be ON as usual.
  2. Let us be diligent and do our part. Hand washing with soap and water as often as possible especially when out in public and we touch things. We encourage you, soon after you get to church to go to the bathroom and wash your hands or look for a hand sanitizer in the foyer. I carry one with me in my pocket (small one) at all times.
  3. If you feel sick in any way, (cough, sore throat, etc) God knows your heart and how bad you wish to be in church, but He also understands the situation and promises us His presence at home. If you are in that situation, we encourage you to stay home until you get better and in the meantime watch our church services on line. Our services are live streamed through the Facebook page of the church. Sermons and Special Music is also recorded through church camcorder, then uploaded to the YouTube channel of the First Baptist Church, usually by Wednesday or so. If you dont have access to internet, please let us know and Lori Jorgenson can make CD’s for you so you can listen to the sermons at home, at your convenience. She is doing this already for people who are currently shut-ins and they all appreciate this treat. If there is anything else that we could be of help to you, please let us know.
  4. In talking with the deacons, we have decided that for the next few weeks (besides the No shaking of hands at church during the “Greet One Another” time), the offering plate will not be passed around during the “Offering time”. Our act of worship through offering will be done as we exit the sanctuary. Right after the service is over, there will be 2 people at the entry doors of the sanctuary with offering plates. There you can place your offering. Friends, please know that we are not scared or frightened by this virus. This is just us doing our small part of being proactive.
Last but not least (most importantly), let us always remember that God is on the Throne. He is not sitting somewhere in a corner watching helplessly how the events in this world unfold. He is Sovereign and in complete control. This virus does not mean anything to Him. He has allowed it to happen for a purpose. This is our time as children of God to let our light shine and joyfully continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people in our community and around the world. Let us point people to our living Savior and living Hope.
Thank you ALL for being part of the family of God and of this vibrant, Gospel-driven flock that He has at First Baptist in Kasson, MN.
With Joy and Anticipation for what God is going to do, God’s servant and yours,

Pastor John

“For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7
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