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Message:  “Stand Firm!”  Passage: Philippians 4:1-9

Message:  “Give Thanks”

Message:  “No Confidence in the Flesh” – Part 3  Passage:…

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Message:  John Terrill – “Missionary to England”

Message:  Jonathan Eads, Associate Pastor from Calvary Baptist

Message:  ““No Confidence in the Flesh” – Part 2” Passage: Philippians…

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Message:  “No Confidence in the Flesh” Passage: Philippians 3:1-11

Message:  Sermon Series: Our Identity in Christ – Part 3…

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Message:  “Humble Servanthood”  Passage: Philippians 2:19-30

Message:  “Believer’s Baptism”  Passage: Acts 8:24-39